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We customize email templates and newsletters for businesses of all sizes. Our email design team specializes in crafting engaging and compelling content that leads to higher engagement for your email marketing campaigns. Employing color theory, clear and concise email copy and beautiful imagery, our templates are designed to captivate recipients and drive action. If you already have a PSD of your design and need it coded, we can do that too.

Need to breath some life into an existing email marketing campaign, let our email design team review your messaging and imagery and get your email campaigns performing at a high level.

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Beautiful designs that engage your audience and drive action.

Email Template Design
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Think of us as your own research organization. Our dependably on marketing platform works nonstop to enable you to discover your kin, develop your business, and get more astute as you go.

Customer Friendly
Use our new and unique visual journey designer to create more timely emails that keep your audience engaged, and automatically drive revenue.
Platform Friendly
All templates designed in Email Design Pro's html email editor become responsive on mobile and desktop by default.
Good Readability
We deliver understandable, creative and unique templates that could be easily read.
Multi - Purpose
EDP delivers designs that can be used for campaigns, sales , reminders and other purposes.

Email marketing isn’t dead yet; as it is adequately helping advertisers and webmasters to get good business and traffic.

What is a lead generation landing page? Unlike a click-through landing page which serves as a “warm-up” stage before an action, such as selling a product or service, the so-called “lead generation”.

Cold emailing is an email sent to a potential client that has had no earlier association/ relation with you.


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